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Référence : C2021-02

Canyoning in Crete - ed 2021

Auteur(s) : Yannis Bromirakis - autoedition - 2021

Topoguide canyon. - The new guide topo book includes 80 canyons, with 106 color photographs, detailed maps, all information you need, descriptions, GPS points and canyon sections in 380 illustration colorful pages. - The book's dimension is 22x14.6cm. The guide is written in two languages: English and Greek. printed on glossy paper with a waterproof cover. All photos, texts, maps, topos and research were made by Yiannis Bromirakis. Genre : livre neuf

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Canyoning in Crete - ed 2021    Canyoning in Crete - ed 2021    Canyoning in Crete - ed 2021    

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