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SAS survival guide

Auteur(s) : John Wiseman - Harper Collins - 2010

The bestselling compact guide on how to survive in the wild, in any climate, on land or at sea. This updated edition contains all the latest techniques on survival training and timeless advice from the foremost expert in survival, Lofty Wiseman. All of it is rooted in the training techniques of the Special Air Service, the world's most famous elite fighting force, in which Lofty served for 26 years. Using clear line drawings and colour illustrations, and new case studies and survival scenarios, Lofty describes survival techniques for if you find yourself at sea, in the mountains, at the polar icecaps, or in the desert, complete with what to do in a whole range of medical and meteorological emergencies. Whether you are a camper, a hiker, a sailor or simply engaged in general outdoor pursuits, this book could actually save your life. - 384 pages; 8,2 x 11,7 cm. Genre : livre neuf

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SAS survival guide    

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